Name: Lisa Fazzah-Diaz

Hometown: Miami, Florida (born in Hollywood, California)

Title: Paralegal, Advanced Certified Paralegal (NALA), Florida Registered Paralegal; Notary Public

When did you begin working at Damian & Valori, LLP | Culmo Trial Attorneys? September 2007

How did you get your job here?  An attorney I had previously worked with asked that I come and interview as his and Melanie’s paralegal. I interviewed, truly felt welcomed by Melanie, Peter and Mary. The rest is history.

In a nutshell, what do you do your in role (one sentence or less)?  Varies from organization of files and documents; scheduling matters; assisting with initial pleading drafts (discovery, motions, responses, replies); filing and finalizing pleadings (with exhibits) in both state and federal courts; assisting with trial preparation.  Our roles vary day-to-day depending on what your managing partner requires.

What projects or cases you are working on? SEC v. Today’s Growth; Clawback cases associated with SEC v. Today’s Growth; Las Estrellas; Spanish Broadcasting System

Why did you choose this profession? The chance to help others and the prestige of working with a law firm.

What do you like most about your job? Every day is different. Some days there are routine tasks and other days are filled with unique projects.

What do you like most about DVC? The people…my second family…home away from home.

Word that describes you: Motivated.

What’s on your Netflix list? The One and Audrey.

First paying job: Receptionist.

Your proudest accomplishment: My children.

What do you do when you are not working? Exercise and quality family time.

Recommend an article or a book: The Prodigal Son.