Repair Initiative:


Making Miami Roads Safer



Our goal is to bring attention to the urgent need for repairs on the county roads used by cyclists. Well-maintained roads are essential for the safety of cyclists and motorists alike. Join us in demanding that Miami-Dade County repair these roads to prevent injury and harm.

The Situation

A heavily travelled cycling route from Black Point Marina to the Homestead Speedway has many sections of road that are in major disrepair and are unsafe. The hazardous conditions of these roads have caused numerous crashes and injuries. It is the responsibility of Miami-Dade County to ensure that these roads are repaired and maintained for the safety of everyone.


Sign The Petition

Together we can make our voices heard to ensure that the roads are safe for cyclists and motorists alike. By signing this petition, you are joining the call-to-action for Miami-Dade County to repair these hazardous roads. Let’s unite to prevent unnecessary harm and safeguard the safety of our community.

Meet Tom

 Our Advocate For Safer Cycling

Tom Culmo is a trial lawyer and a lifelong cyclist. He has extensive experience handling bike related cases and therefore understands the importance of safety. His passion for ensuring those responsible for causing harm are held accountable drives him to take action to ensure safe products and a safe environment for the cycling community.

Our Approach

1. Photographing and Documenting The Hazardous Road Conditions

Black Point Park & Marina

24775 SW 87th Ave
Homestead, FL 33032


Waste Management Delta Recycling

328 NW 117th St
Homestead, FL 33168

2. Mapping The Route with Google Maps

To provide a clear understanding of exactly which road sections are in need of immediate repair.



Take A Closer Look

We invite you to click on the map or link below to access the interactive map, where you can see the specific sections spanning 16 miles that require immediate attention. 

Stay tuned as we will be providing regular visual updates to track the progress once the repairs begin.

 3. Call To Action To The County And Mayor

Tom Culmo has put the county and Mayor on notice of these hazardous roads in need of immediate repair. 


First Letter To The Mayor

  • Provided notice of several County roadways that are in major disrepair and which pose a significant hazard to motorists and cyclists.
  • Provided a link to a Google map illustrating the 8 sections of damaged roads.
  • Urged to prioritize their immediate repair for the safety of everyone.


Their Response

  • Informed us that all the segments have been included in the Unfunded List of Resurfacing locations and will be addressed when funding becomes available.
  • The corridor of SW 248th St from SW 97th Avenue to SW 107th Avenue is programmed for resurfacing in the second quarter of Fiscal Year 23-24. 


Urgent Call For Action

  • Highlighting that the entire 8 sections of damaged roads remain dangerously unsafe.
  • Urged to find a way to secure emergency funding for their immediate repair.
  • Offered the cycling community’s active assistance to resolve the issue.


Follow Up Letter

  • Underlining the safety concerns with the damaged roads and the alarming lack of response from the county.


  • Share the resounding support from the cycling community and concerned Miami-Dade residents, collecting over 5,000 signatures!
  • Request a meaningful response from the county and a plan of action. 


Resounding Response

  • Reiterated that all road segments have already been included in the Unfunded List of Resurfacing.
  • Mentioned the corridor of SW 248 th Street that is programmed for resurfacing in the second quarter of Fiscal Year 23-24.
  • Advised to schedule a meeting to discuss the situation further.


Video Meeting

Our efforts are on the right path! We received a response from Miami-Dade Transportation and Public Works (DTPW) and had a meeting on Tuesday, Sep. 26th. Here’s a recap of what we accomplished in our call:
✅ Highlighted extensive road damage and the safety risk it poses to cyclists and motorists.
✅ Discussed budget constraints and the roads being on the Unfunded List.
✅ Encouraged by directors to keep pressure on elected officials.
✅ Tom will be meeting with Mayor Daniella Levine Cava soon to discuss the situation further.
✅ Short-term solution: Maintenance crew will inspect roads and patch potholes.
Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to advocate for the safety of our community and all road users. 

    Now We Need Your Help!

    Calling On The Cycling Community To Unite

    We call upon all cycling and triathlon teams, clubs, bike stores, cycling apparel brands to come together and support this vital cause. 

    Watch. Like. Comment. Share.

    We believe in the power of community action. Our collective voice and advocacy will help bring attention to this initiative, ensuring that the necessary funding and resources are allocated to repair and improve the cycling route in Miami-Dade.

    View the video in our social accounts and share it with your network. Together, we can amplify our voices and advocate for the necessary repairs to be done promptly.

    Sign The Petition

    Together, we can create a safer environment for cyclists, motorists, and the entire community. By signing this petition, you join the movement to create safer roads for everyone in Miami-Dade County. Let’s unite to prevent accidents and safeguard the well-being of our community.

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